Crizal Drive

Driving requires clear and focused vision and naturally involves looking at variable distances. If you have a prescription, you may need to wear glasses for driving to stay safe on the road.

Driving conditions can sometimes be unpredictable, due to unwanted glare, reflections, hazards and adverse weather. If you often drive at night, there is also a higher risk as your vision is generally more inadequate in low lit conditions.

That’s why we recommend Crizal Drive Which reduces reflections when driving at night to help you be as safe and confident as possible when on the road. Crizal Drive enhances your visual comfort and clarity of vision for safer driving throughout the day and night, no matter what vehicle you drive. Crizal Drive lenses offer a number of benefits including:

  • A reduction in glare on the road
  • Scratch resistance
  • UV protection
  • Optimised for driving
  • Smudge resistance
  • Dust repellent

Crizal Drive is available on a number of Essilor lens designs including Varilux and single vision. It’s also available with Transitions photochromic for the ultimate driving experience.