In House Glazing

At Squire Opticians, we’re proud to offer in-house lens glazing services, so we can ensure that you have the very best finish with your lenses.

How does it work

After we gather the results from your latest eye test, we’ll discuss your options with you for both frames and lenses. We factor in your lifestyle, visual needs and personal choice to come up with the best lens and frame option for you. We then support you in selecting your frames and make up your glasses on-site in our very own glazing lab.

Using precise measurements, we’ll cut and shape your lens for the best fit for your frames, ensuring it is positioned correctly in front of your eyes when complete.

As part of our service, we can get your lenses glazed for you on a same-day service for new single vision glasses and for varifocal lenses that are fitted into your existing frames. We also offer a special one-hour service for reglazing single vision lenses in existing frames so you’ll never have to wait long to start wearing your new prescription.

Award-winning lenses

Our award-winning lenses are provided by world-leading prescription lens manufacturer Essilor. As Essilor lens specialists, we offer a range of lens options, including single vision and varifocal, so you can enjoy clear vision close-up, far away and everything in between.

Designer frames

Here at Squire Opticians, our high-quality lenses go into equally high-quality frames. We stock many designer brands in-store including Mulberry, William Morris and Ray-Ban. It is our belief that quality lenses deserve modern, stylish frames to match, which is why we are continually researching the latest fashion trends so you can get access to the most current designer frames around.

Booking an appointment

We know life is busy, so we offer a range of appointment times, including late-night openings on Wednesdays. Book your appointment and look forward to a personalised eyecare service at Squire Opticians.